Site News
- Added the Guild section.
- Added the Amitois section.
- Enchantment preview now shows secondary stats as well.
- Added the Codex section.
- Added the Item Sets section.
- Added the Item Set information to the items of such sets.
- Removed the wrong skills from the Dagger category.
- Added the Craft Recipes section.
- Narrowed down the lists of possible Traits for the equipment.
- Added the Enchantment preview to the equipment pages.
- Added the list of all possible Stats.
- Added the map with locations of the NPCs to the NPCs pages.
- Added the lists of possible Traits for the equipment.
- Added the Lithographs section.
- Added more submenus to the Items section.
- Added the Contracts and Morphs sections.
- Added the lists of goods to the merchant NPCs.
- Added the Skills and NPCs sections.
Site launch!
Hey guys, Kiriak here!
Welcome to the site dedicated to the upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty by NCSOFT!
Today the last (hopefully) Korean CBT was launched and I'm presenting you the site with data based on the latest OBT version of the game client.

For now it contains just an Items section with full list of all items available in the game, but as usual with my other Codex sites, more content will be added weekly and you can expect all kind of information about the game, a Skill Builder, World Map and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me via Discord: Kiriak#5590.
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